whoa, back up a minute.. you wanna know what loser is?

Loser is someone who afraid of not winning, and they dont even try... now we are trying,right?!

Freitag, 27. Februar 2009


waiting ;)

Tomorrow comes, tomorrow goes
and We are still waiting..
Weve done searching,enough to finding
Sure we are, but, Guts? not yet..
dont blame time,love
dont blame chances,dear..
we make our own luck ;)
remember what they said,
Sometimes the very thing we're looking for..
is the one thing we can't see.

sincerely yours ;)

10 facts about HOLIDAY!

Finally............. keupdate jg lah blog ini, since i am (literally) in Holiday, so this are 10 things i do in holiday:

1. GET UP up 11 in the morning.
eh itu udh ga pagi lagi yaa? woeheehe,jangan aneh? karenaa itu smua berhubungan dengan my-number-two-things-to-do in holiday! ;p

2. always SLEEP at 2 a.m. or maybe 3.
well,well, i know, this isnt good at all...but there is no point of going bed early either,right? woehehe

3. WATCH some serial movie.
yeaaah, this holiday is time for LOST season 5! ahaha, dont bother, just watch it!

4. CUT hair time!
The whole holiday thing wont complete if i didnt do this ;) i just cut my hair 2 days ago.. not much but its compulsory ;p

Dont know,if that come to a long holiday like this, i am soo into horror movies, i watched quarantine, one miss called, the decent, pulse and so many more lately...

6. time to MAKE some RECIPE.
hehe, ga tau kenapa..bawaannya jadi pengen bereksperimen! kalo biasanya gw bereksperimen di lab,dengan senyawa2 kimiaa...di liburan ini saatnya bereksperimen dengan tepung terigu, mentega, coklat, kacang dan backing soda.. ;)

"Dug dag dug dag! bitte musik nicht zu laut!" kira2 artinya "woy jangan berisik dong!" hhe, datanglah tetangga saya,ngomel! ya iyalah.. gimana ga ngomel, kalo nyetel lagu normal keras2 mungkin mereka happy2 aja... but since our kaleng rombeng sound is always in the air lately....sewot sepertinya mereka..hehehe ;p bodo! mau pindah ini.. eins zwei drei, you can dance you can jive having the time of your life uu uuu uu... hehe ;P

8. TIDYING room pleaase...
Ya,ayo beres2.. mumpung ada waktuu, tar pas kuliah lagi boro2.. orang pulang kerumah tinggal capenya doang.. hho

9. relight my fire!
saatnya macar! (halah) hehe..eh eh tapi bnr kok kata orang kwalitas itu lebih penting daripada kuantitas... X)

Aaand the last thing i (should) do in this holiday is:

10. KERJA.
do i need any futher information? kerja! demi masa depan..hehe

so guys, if your now in germany and also IN holiday... ich wuenche euch viel spaß,gel? ingeet.. bulan dpan udah smster baru...woeehehhehe

Samstag, 21. Februar 2009

the endless TAG ;p

This is a wonderfully Tag from pinkan.. whom i thanks the most because tagging me just in the right time to kill my boringness.. hehehe.. love youu pink ;)


1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 25 friends.
5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
6. Have Fun!

1. What would best describe your personality?
Dancing Queen - Abba

2. What do you like in a guy/girl?
Apanya Dong - Titiek Puspa

3. How do you feel today?
Hot and Cold - Katy Perry

4. What is your motto?
The Spirit Carries on - Dream theater

5. What is your life's purpose?
Grow Old with You - Adam Sandler

6. What do your friends think of you?
Youve Got a Friend - James Taylor

7. What do you think about very often?
HOME - Michael Buble

8. What is 2+2?
Back at one - Bryan Mcknight

9. What do you think of your best friend?
Laskar Pelangi - Nidji

10. What do you think of the person you like?
Anyone Else but You - Michael Cera and Elien Page

11. What is your life story?
The Words Greatest - R. Kelly

12. What do you want to be when you grow up?
A Song for Mama - Boys II men

13. What will they play at your funeral?
Good Bye - Air Supply

14. What will you dance to at your wedding?
Dare You to Move - Swichfoot oh my god.. i cant wait! ;P

15. What do you think when you see the person you like?
You and I both - Jason Mraz

16. What is your hobby/interest?
Pesta Pantai - Toni Q

17. What is your biggest secret?
Shoulda Coulda Woulda - Bryan McKnight

18. What do you think of your friends?
Long Time No See - Steven and Coconut Treez

19. What's the worst thing that could happen?
Our Time is Running Out - Muse

20. What makes you cry?
Mother How are You Today - May Wood

21.What makes you laugh?
Dont Worry Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin

22. What is the one thing you regret?
Holiday - The Begees just dont ask me why....

23. How will you die?
Peace with Love - Tony Q

24. Will you ever get married?
I Finally Found Someone - Barbara Streisand and Bryan Adams

25. What do your parents think of you?
Valerie - Amy Winehouse oh this is soo TRUE! woehehe

26. Does anyone like you?
Here, There and Everywhere - The Beatles

27. What scares you the most?
Zombie - Cranberries

28. If you could back in time, what would you chage?
Warwick Avenue - Duffy

29. If someone says "is this okay?" you say..
I will Survive - Cake

30. What will you post this as?
Me, My Self and I - Beyonce Knowles

oo such a fine Tag! it took me more than one hours to done it, because i heard every musics i wrote fully! heehehe..

mm, not in the mood to take anyone else, so, if you read this and feeling "tag" just do it? kay?

Sonntag, 8. Februar 2009

tag dari pinkan ;)

15 Random Things About Me That You Should Know:

1. i am dying to be an architect
2. and get marry as soon as possible ;p above 20 disease woehehe
3. i try to love those pharmacy things specially toxicology medicine, which unfortunately not yet
4. love my family and boyfriend so muchoo
5. the one that always make me home sick mostly is my brother
6. still trying to write a novel and be writer... wait my books,ok? ;p
7. i adore cookie.........
8. i'm a cooke monster!!
9. i will never bet a better =)
10. i watched liltle miss sunshine for like 100 times or more
11. i used to have an imaginary friend... hhe, hi? miss you..
12. recently i think that edward and bella does exist.. idiots.. woehehe
13. free to eat cookie, chocolate, candy and even junk food without gaining weight.. hhe lucky me... ;)
14. i am 90 pounds and 5 foot 4
15. kinda tired now... so, this is my last fact you should know...

so this is it.. i tag you nyet.. but i know you wont tag from and to anyone..hehehe

oh ya?

You are Red Wolf, who is not afraid of meeting new people, and are kind to everybody.

You are very sociable and extremely innocent woman.
true.. true..

There are many unique type of people in Red Wolf.
uniqe? do you mean freak?

You are bold enough to push your own way, without being restricted by tradition and common knowledge.

You don't care what the other people think of you.
pups egal ;p

You want to do as you wish.

Therefore, your life style and preferences are little bit different from others.
not realy..

You dislike having no style of your own.

You possess your own sense of balance, and you create your own environment.
a bit

You have sharp instinct that you use in daily life.
exactly! lets say six sense? woehehehe

This makes you do a good job of life.

You are very pure inside, but this sometimes can create misunderstanding.
well thats explane a lot..

Your action that you do unconsciously may not be understood by the others.
this is 100 percent true! mind you, i am too shaples..

Once you decide on something, you will definitely carry it out.
bis zum tod ;p

But that may be today or a year later.
oh no, you so darn right! this is soo me..

This makes it difficult to plan other things.
yeah...kinda pathetic is it not?

You ought to be careful not to give up so easily.

Although you tend to be rather unique, the way you look for originality makes you successful in the field of designing and planning.
mind you, i study farmacy now, but i am dying to be an architect.. does that still count?

You are cheerful and have dreams, so you can adapt to circumstances quite easily
all right

You have a good sense of balance.

thats depends of which balance you mean, i often end up "fall by accident" hehehe

You can think and calculate about your future.
who doesnt? but believe me, i try to let it the way it is and i do not believe in coincidence

You may go for an arranged marriage.
this point is nothing but TRUE... hehehehe

oh my god.. this is soo damn right...

a dream place to go ;)

I have pretty much wishes in my life, soo much that i cant even name it one by one, soo lets not talk about all my wish but one, my dream place to go.. by a book is the first time i knew this place even exist.. considering my-under-average-point of geographycs lesson in my school time,no wonder i doubted the existence one of the most wonderful thing in our entire world, a place called PRAGUE, the largest city of the Czech Republic.. you know what? it was only a dream! for god sake i lived in indonesia,so there will be a zillion miles to drive, or over 10.000 miles away by plane, which sounds more possible to make. so, i leave it behind, and try to control my mind from creating too much imagination of what exactly those city look a like..
then, time flies so incredibly fast.. when i just hit 18, i to continue my study in germany.. to be honest with you, i would like say that was the bigest and the very LAST minute decision i ever made in my life, and amazingly i have no regret about that..
i n g e r m a n y.... things seems a bit easier to go to my must-to-go-place-before-you-die, but every single thing is new and as a freshman student, i will not even imagine to going outside country.. until one just nothing special afternoon, that day (as i remember) ive got my friends visited we brought this easy afternoon talk about places, since we were all here (red:germany) places such as paris, london, barcelona even manchester are easier to reach... suddenly i remembered my dream place and i tell everyone that i have to go to Prague at least once in my life... then abra kadabra, the next day after this beautiful places talk,one of my friend, well at least used to be my friend, tell me that he already prepared everything and its all up to me to choose day to go.. whether friday or saturday which mean only 3 days away until one of my dreams come true.. i will never ever ever ever forget those feeling, feeling for waiting and knowing my dream will happend, immediately! that week i cant barely slept, and i DID NOT slept at all one day before we went to prague, my dream place........... we took a train,4 hours later... there i was.... in Czech Republic, PRAGUE.. i can not describe the breathtaking beuty of those city so.. here are the pictures of my dream place...

so.. is that true? picture worth a thousand word ;p

special thanks to rhoma ;) u made my dream come true....... ;) ;)

Samstag, 7. Februar 2009

cookie monster

Ok, this isnt gonna be true, i wasnt a big fan of cookie, but.. now, magically i am a cookie monster! i adore those butter and choco cookie.. its all started because rhoma brought me those cookies last week.. this heart shape, good taste, lovely smell cookies! i mean, i never believe love at first sight, but now, i defenetly have faith in love at first bite! i can feel those lovely butter melted in my tounge.. oh no oh no! now i cant help my self to stop eating cookie, e v e r y t i m e like for breakfast, before luch, with milk, after dinner and the best part is with a buch of novel.. i even ask rhoma like 5 times a day to bring me some cookie again when i "run my fuel" ;p woehehe.. i actually can skip my lunch but i can NOT skip eating cookies.. shame on me, is 20 too old for being cookies fans? are those cookie things bad for body? i mean, i am 90 pounds now, well see next month.. woehehe...

cookie.. i love you so much!!

hug n kiss

your biggest fans ;p

Montag, 2. Februar 2009

Perfect me?

Ooh,of course, NOBODYs perfect! its not actualy me being perfect ;p but its all about how i want to do everythings perfectly! i mean, every single bloody things! actually i did realized this since i was 6 or 7 years old, i was attended of a drawings competition, aint no good with drawing,i reckon..but those day, i drew everyting pefectly! even a tiny litle thing like a line! in the end of the competition i only finished a half of my task, not much, but amazingly i felt so statisfied back there.
and so on for another example, when i have to wrote down the teachers note on the board.. i spent the last 30 minutes just to wrote my "beautiful" title, i used coloured pencil, glittered ballpoint or even crayon! weird,is it not? and the funniest part is, if i make a one singel litle unimportant thing which people will never ever recognize it, like my "i" is too wobbly (for me), i cut and destroyed everything that i wrote and throw it to the rubbish spin.. aand start everything over, blimey!
nowadays i know, that people like me usually called perfectionism.. they said perfectionism can be a healthy quality that drives a person to try his/her best and to make the effort to excel. Some people, however, take the strive for perfection too far,and there is a price to pay..
and, to whom may take this perfection thingy too far,some expert called them, Extreme perfectionists.
okay, i am not, or hopefully i am not, an extreme perfectionists..so, to prove it, i took some test "how perfectionis you are", and i got 65 of 100 max scores! mind you, if 100 is the extreme perfectionis, theres nothing to be worried of my 65 scores,right? woehehehe
anywaay.. i do have another things to prove that i am not an extreme perfectionis.. i do love somebody and they said, nobodys perfect,right? so i am in love with some one imperfect! yuhuuu.. im not that extreme but, i think, i love him, perfectly..woehehehehehe

by the way.. to mr. Nugraha :


Life can be soo funny

i do have NO reason to be angry to You,gusti Allah.. i know that You always have a much bigger plan for us than ours.. ive always been told that the way You works do not same at all with the capability of humans brains.. but tell me Allah, why life can be so funny.. its not that im ungrateful with my life, i am so happy to live my life and be who i am right now.. maybe this is just the unordinary work of my humans brain, but Allah, i just do not understand, why theres war? why it take so loong? why people can be so cruel? why the bad guys happy and the good people have to suffered? i reckon, maybe justice just have to wait until the right day..i do remember your Promise to us,that after this "rain" there will be a rainbow ;)
And my mighty Allah, i have one more Question.. why do the ages of human life can be so funny.. one day You took my friends so fast that they dont even reach eightteen, but on the other day You give my grandpa so much times to lived.. and some times a baby doesnt even have a chance to be born.. this is a bit funny to me.. but i know,and i always believe, theres always be so much reasons for You, the best reasons,that not every human would understand ,to do that..
And i Allah, i just want You to know, and i know You must already knew ;), i love you so much.. although for me life is so funny, i love life.. and i promise with all my heart, i will never ever waste my life.. i know life can be so short, but Allah, thanks for giving me my life...





klik this, one single KLIK is equal Rp 100 for Palestine..

ketidakadilan sejak dini

ini cerita nyata seorang anak sma di jakarta..
disetiap sekolah dijakarta biasanya mempunyai beragam macam ekstrakuriikuler (baca:ekskul).
kisah ini dimulai dari seorang anak lelaki,kelas satu sma dya begitu antusias disekolah barunya,dibilangan jakarta selatan..
sekolah ini menyediakan ekskul beragam macam. begitu banyak pilihan.. dya sampai bingung, bingung memilih apa.
dya bercerita kepada mereka, orang terdekatnya,ekskul yang mana? ada satu pilihan, dia memilihnya,namun mereka menentangnya.. ekskul ini rumit, sulit dan sangat tak mudah untuk menjadi anggotanya...
ekskul ini menjunjung nama alam, gunung, dan hutan.. katanya ekskul butuh 3 point,pertama fisik, lalu mental dan juga otak..
tapi dya tak gentar,dya mencobanya.. masa latihan 6 bulan,
setiap minggu katanya diberi pendidikan, anak ini mengorbankan segalanya untuk ekskul ini, jam bermainnya, jam berlajarnya, bahkan jam untuk dirinya sendiri..
satu,dua,tiga sampai bulan ke enam..dya bertahan.. dya melakukannya dengan sangat sempurna..
tinggal 2 hari lagi,sampai ke masa yang mereka bilang masa kemenangan..
tiba tiba datanglah seseorang, dya bilang orang ini dewa, anak ini cuma hamba, dewa berkuasa, raja pun takluk terhadap dewa..
dimasa yang harusnya menjadi hari kemenangan untuk anak ini, setelah segala pengorbanan tak ada habisnya, anak ini diusir dewa..
dewa membuat cerita, dewa menurunkan perintah untuk anak ini, perintah membuat 60 gunungdalam satu menit, perintah yang raja,maupun dewa sendiri tak bisa memenuhinya..
tapi anak ini luar biasa, dya membuat 56 gunung buat dewa..
namun dewa berkelit,dewa bilang anak ini gagal.. dan dewa pun mengusir anak ini, dihari menjelang kemenangannya..

anak ini hancur, dewa merenggut mimpinya.. tapi liat saja, dewa akan malu.. jangan kan 60 dalam 1 menit, 100 gunungpun akan ditaklukannya..

ooh sayang dewa, kau lupa point ketiga..,

indahnya sakit?

saya bukan orang yang sering sakit, tapi saya juga bukan orang yang selalu sehat..
tapi kalau sehat saya ga pernah mikir sakit anehnyaa kalau lagi sakit kok saya kepikiran sehat?
tidur dirumah sakit itu ga enak,ga nyaman dan sakit ;p malah lebih parah dari pada sakitnya sendiri.. hehe berlebihan ga yaa ;p
dihajar habis2an sama jarum,sekali,duakali sih gapapa tapi kalo berkali kali ya jadi apa apa.. woehehe
jadi pasien dirumah sakit buat saya jadi ngertii banget sama perasaan gajah ato jerapah di taman safari, diliatin daan diurusin,hhe..mungkin siy gajah happy bgt kali ya waktu taman safarinya tutup dan pengunjungnya pada pulang because so do i ! saya happy bgt waktu dibolehin pulang..woehehe ga nyambuung..
but trust me there are no WORST than mixing your sickness,far away from home AND lots of exams ;p and so on you have to drinks some pills in the next one month! sayang obat itu pait, coba manis rasa strawbery ;p duuh kalo kaya gini jadi rindu sama si sehat ;)
but being sick had also aloot of good things for you: first you have a lot of days (well in my case) for holiday!! yuhuu
and then you can sleep longer ;) as long as you want because the other thinks that that was part of your recovery woehehe...and last but believe me its NOT least you can realize how precious is your HEALTH.. iya itu siy yang paling penting..hehe
so mate,doakan saya ya..biar cepat sembuh dan biar ada obat khusus buat orang dewasa tapi rasa strobery..hhe becanda deeng

ps. jerapah gw janji ga bakal liat kalian pake pandangan itu lagi.. ;)

what if God is one of us?

Di langit ketujuh? itu lah tempat dimana biasa orang orang mengilustrasikan tempat Tuhan yang maha kuasa berada,atau at least, itu lah yang saya bayangkan waktu kecil,bayangan tuhan ada dilangit,mengawasi kita umatNYA dari sana.lalu saya mulai belajar agama,mereka bilang Tuhan itu dekat,lebih dekat dari pada urat nadi kita.tapi lah wong namanya juga anak kecil, urat nadi aja saya belum tau ad dimana woehehe..
walau sekarang saya tau lewat tafsir kalau itu berarti gusti Allah tau,semua apa yang kita lakukan,apa yang terjadi didunia sampai sehelai daun yang jatuh..
tapii,belakangan saya berfikir..gmana klo ternyata Tuhan itu teman saya? guru saya? pemusik jalanan? anak dipanti asuhan? knapa ga mungkin? Tuhan kan maha kuasa...Beliau bisa aja "jadi" apa aja..
kadang saya selalu ingat beribadah,solat,puasa,amar
mahruf nahi munkar..
tapi knapa kalau liat pengemis susah banget buat nyari uang receh? knapa kalau kita liat anak kecil ngamen suka ngedumel2 sendiri,ga mau ngasih,bilang ga mendidik lah,masih kecil bisanya minta2 lah..kadang kita lupa kalau mereka bagaimanapun juga lebih kurang beruntung dari pada kita-kecil-dulu..coba,apa ga mungkin kalau DIA yang mahakuasa adalah mereka. apa ga mungkin kalau MEREKA ada di bumi ini untuk menguji kita yang notebenenya masih mampu? lah wong masih bisa ngeblog ;p,woehehehe..

so,what if God is one of us?