whoa, back up a minute.. you wanna know what loser is?

Loser is someone who afraid of not winning, and they dont even try... now we are trying,right?!

Sonntag, 8. Februar 2009

oh ya?

You are Red Wolf, who is not afraid of meeting new people, and are kind to everybody.

You are very sociable and extremely innocent woman.
true.. true..

There are many unique type of people in Red Wolf.
uniqe? do you mean freak?

You are bold enough to push your own way, without being restricted by tradition and common knowledge.

You don't care what the other people think of you.
pups egal ;p

You want to do as you wish.

Therefore, your life style and preferences are little bit different from others.
not realy..

You dislike having no style of your own.

You possess your own sense of balance, and you create your own environment.
a bit

You have sharp instinct that you use in daily life.
exactly! lets say six sense? woehehehe

This makes you do a good job of life.

You are very pure inside, but this sometimes can create misunderstanding.
well thats explane a lot..

Your action that you do unconsciously may not be understood by the others.
this is 100 percent true! mind you, i am too shaples..

Once you decide on something, you will definitely carry it out.
bis zum tod ;p

But that may be today or a year later.
oh no, you so darn right! this is soo me..

This makes it difficult to plan other things.
yeah...kinda pathetic is it not?

You ought to be careful not to give up so easily.

Although you tend to be rather unique, the way you look for originality makes you successful in the field of designing and planning.
mind you, i study farmacy now, but i am dying to be an architect.. does that still count?

You are cheerful and have dreams, so you can adapt to circumstances quite easily
all right

You have a good sense of balance.

thats depends of which balance you mean, i often end up "fall by accident" hehehe

You can think and calculate about your future.
who doesnt? but believe me, i try to let it the way it is and i do not believe in coincidence

You may go for an arranged marriage.
this point is nothing but TRUE... hehehehe

oh my god.. this is soo damn right...


  1. hahahaaa.. ampir semua bener ya sayaang..

    btw, i tagged you...
    see my blog ya dear...

  2. gw kagak ngarti tulisan lo,,,, lain kali kalo nulis blog bahasa indonesia dong -_-