whoa, back up a minute.. you wanna know what loser is?

Loser is someone who afraid of not winning, and they dont even try... now we are trying,right?!

Sonntag, 8. Februar 2009

tag dari pinkan ;)

15 Random Things About Me That You Should Know:

1. i am dying to be an architect
2. and get marry as soon as possible ;p above 20 disease woehehe
3. i try to love those pharmacy things specially toxicology medicine, which unfortunately not yet
4. love my family and boyfriend so muchoo
5. the one that always make me home sick mostly is my brother
6. still trying to write a novel and be writer... wait my books,ok? ;p
7. i adore cookie.........
8. i'm a cooke monster!!
9. i will never bet a better =)
10. i watched liltle miss sunshine for like 100 times or more
11. i used to have an imaginary friend... hhe, hi? miss you..
12. recently i think that edward and bella does exist.. idiots.. woehehe
13. free to eat cookie, chocolate, candy and even junk food without gaining weight.. hhe lucky me... ;)
14. i am 90 pounds and 5 foot 4
15. kinda tired now... so, this is my last fact you should know...

so this is it.. i tag you nyet.. but i know you wont tag from and to anyone..hehehe

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