whoa, back up a minute.. you wanna know what loser is?

Loser is someone who afraid of not winning, and they dont even try... now we are trying,right?!

Donnerstag, 22. Januar 2009


two wrongs wouldnt make a right

p.s. from the author: those story are just tales,not me of course ;)



o3.33 pm
we had a fight. its all about nothing actually,n o t h i n g important. neither me nor my girl can control our word. she called me loser and i told her to pissed of. that was just enough for me. so before i do something stupider, i left her crying.

07.30 pm
home already,still sick of her voice, i decided not to talk. great, now i have time to play my football games which she never like. theres no more disturbing voice again around me.


00.05 am
ive only played about half hour,its silly,i always wanted play whole day,but its kinda borring play alone,without that voice-or it just me?ok, i must very sleepy,what a day is today.. i took my pillow,and slept on sofa.

09.00 am
hey theres a blanket round me? i took no blanket yesterday,could it be.... yeah it could be her, i must thanks to her, but seeing her pale,unhappy face makes me hold this idea twice,i think that those yesterdays fight isnt my fault anyway,so what is the point of appology??

11.oo am
where is she? i miss her,is everything alright? does she already taking her medicines?

12.30 pm
my girl is home,but she doesnt have a word for me......... my jaw is sick! i want to talk so bad... those fight and everything is nothing but the silliest things in the world..

15.00 pm
i love her and i know she loves me too...

Dienstag, 20. Januar 2009



03.33 pm
Go Fuck your self,he said to me once we had a very big fight then he left,
do i care? even if he will never come back again,what the fuck! but the unsolve thingy between us is the only thing matter.. u know what? its sucks because its undone

07.30 pm
he came home,with a very big silent.. so what? i can live like this anyway.. its good to have a quite situation in the house,which rarely happened before.. i ejoyed it and too "bussy", even for looking at him


00.05 am
he went to the living room and slept in the sofa,i tried to sleep but apparently could not.. no one could.. time flies so slow, even slower than ever..

09.00 am
A bunch of silent still dancing between us..but a liltle tiny strange feeling is coming through my blood..is this it? do i missing him? its feel like im just a kid who wants candy so bad but still in a very bad cough.. so, again wtf! i can buy candy in every store.. so I LET YOU WIN,ego!

12.30 pm
im home, i see him, doing nothing. i was out for like about one hour to taking my meds..

15.00 pm
he hugs me he hugs me he hugs me he hugs me he hugs me he hugs me he hugs me he hugs me
i miss you, he murmurs he kiss me he kiss me he kiss me he kiss me he kiss me he kiss me kiss me. is this it? this is love.....................................................

a dream come true.. yuhuu

a film based on the bestselling novel by Sophie Kinsella, my favorite book! oh no oh no!

cant waiit...........

Confessions of a Shopaholic

why people are soo mean..

i found this in devianart, its belongs to a norway photographer.. she or he (i dont know) tooks so many great pictures.. and this is on of her or his.

"the whole family is there.. well.. almost"

oh my god..seeing this make me wanna be a vegan ;( well like everyone said " a picture worth a thousand word..

its officially my third blog ;p

i dont know,why would i even to this.. maybe since writing is one of my biggest resolution for 2009 ;)
hopefully this one work properly ;p
soo,shall we starting this brand new blog with a TAG from my old one blog? woehehe
six random things about me
i love yellow
i always want to be an architect, which impossible
my dreams is to marry a perfect man with a huge heart as soon as possible, but unfortunatelly not yet ;p and have 3 or 4 handsome or beautiful children,woehehehe
i adore shopie kinsella, british woman who wrote the most funniest books in entire galaxi ;)
i always HATE math or physic orr sort of things to do with numbers..it just NOT my passion ;p
i do speak deutsch,but i feel its way too far from good..

six random things i like
iphone 3G..
being home
i like green
shopping ;)
juicy fruit! i addict it

six random things i don't like
FISH exept nordsee
back stabber, darn!
away from home

six quirky things about me
i could take more than one hour for a single bathe,weird it is not?
one day ive made such a local flood from bathroom due my one and a half hour bath habbit ;p
it took soo long because my day dreaming and searching for inspiration, oh for god sake!
i shouldnt have done that but i still doing it ;(
oh no more quirky things about me

six things that make me happy
GIVE,bukan sabun loh yaa! woehehe
good dreams
food,of course!

so its done! my first post of my third blogs...huraaaay..