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Sonntag, 8. Februar 2009

a dream place to go ;)

I have pretty much wishes in my life, soo much that i cant even name it one by one, soo lets not talk about all my wish but one, my dream place to go.. by a book is the first time i knew this place even exist.. considering my-under-average-point of geographycs lesson in my school time,no wonder i doubted the existence one of the most wonderful thing in our entire world, a place called PRAGUE, the largest city of the Czech Republic.. you know what? it was only a dream! for god sake i lived in indonesia,so there will be a zillion miles to drive, or over 10.000 miles away by plane, which sounds more possible to make. so, i leave it behind, and try to control my mind from creating too much imagination of what exactly those city look a like..
then, time flies so incredibly fast.. when i just hit 18, i to continue my study in germany.. to be honest with you, i would like say that was the bigest and the very LAST minute decision i ever made in my life, and amazingly i have no regret about that..
i n g e r m a n y.... things seems a bit easier to go to my must-to-go-place-before-you-die, but every single thing is new and as a freshman student, i will not even imagine to going outside country.. until one just nothing special afternoon, that day (as i remember) ive got my friends visited we brought this easy afternoon talk about places, since we were all here (red:germany) places such as paris, london, barcelona even manchester are easier to reach... suddenly i remembered my dream place and i tell everyone that i have to go to Prague at least once in my life... then abra kadabra, the next day after this beautiful places talk,one of my friend, well at least used to be my friend, tell me that he already prepared everything and its all up to me to choose day to go.. whether friday or saturday which mean only 3 days away until one of my dreams come true.. i will never ever ever ever forget those feeling, feeling for waiting and knowing my dream will happend, immediately! that week i cant barely slept, and i DID NOT slept at all one day before we went to prague, my dream place........... we took a train,4 hours later... there i was.... in Czech Republic, PRAGUE.. i can not describe the breathtaking beuty of those city so.. here are the pictures of my dream place...

so.. is that true? picture worth a thousand word ;p

special thanks to rhoma ;) u made my dream come true....... ;) ;)


  1. wawawa sari, kesan kita tentang prague sangat berbeda..hahahhahaa..

  2. i was there toooooo!!!!!

    hi sariiiii :D aku link yah blog na...